Communicate at different levels

We provide Communication Trainings on different levels. They can be done both sequentially and separately. The overview below shows which courses we have tailored, compiled and run for experts, professionals and managers throughout Europe. In practice, no training is the same. Fortunately, because there is only one best way to permanently improve yourself: by means of Experiential Learning.

The correlation between the Communication Trainings is roughly as follows:

Basis Advanced Expert
Fantastic flirting (business) Acquisition = advising Advise to advisers
Good conversations Advise to Influencing exceptionally
Natural networking Consciously better influencing Coach competent
Personal branding Conflict competent Fantastic facilitating
Power presentations Crucial conversations Onlimited negotiation
Social media for persoonlijk leaders People (in stead of customer) focus Total trainer tips & tricks
Social media and personal branding Persuasive negotiation Sales for experts
Perfect presentations Resisting unruly resistance
Successful selections Viral reporting
Trusting is accelerating Social media for senior managers and CEOs
Selling smoothly
Resisting resistance
Co-creative communication
PEAK-in with inspiration and communication
Dealing with people you can’t stand


Performing in Teams

The 3-day training in Performing Teams is an example of a customized selection of brain, communication and leadership training to employees, members of Management Teams and directors  to work together effectively and efficiently (together).

Special program for schools

For education, we developed a special high performance program. Teachers, parents and alumni help students today during a series of workshops to take responsibility. Scholing Together: for a great schooling time and a successful career thereafter.